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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is your school start and end date?

Our school year includes 180 teaching days. The school year begins in the middle of August and continues through to the middle of June.

2. What are your school hours?

Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:30pm

3. What are your class sizes?

Early Years: Average 13 students in each class

Elementary: Average 20 students in each class

Secondary School: Average 15-18 students in each class

4. Do you provide school bus services?

The school organises a fleet of buses to transport students to and from school and for field trips. Our buses run from the school to many areas of Busan, Ulsan, Jinhae and Geoje Island. Although the school endeavours to support all students, it may not be possible for the school to offer a bus service to some families due to where they live.

Morning Organisation

Designated pick-up points will be assigned to each student. These will be as near as possible to where the student lives, but for families that live a distance from others, a central pick-up point may have to be arranged.

Afternoon Organisation

The school offers a bus service covering the three finishing times of students in the afternoon:

  • at 3:40pm at the finish of school for the whole school.

  • at 4:40pm at the finish of Elementary and Secondary School After School Activities.

Students who live a distance from school cannot be supported with bus facilities after the After School Activities, so it is the responsibility of these students to find alternative transport if they undertake the After School Activities.

Parents can track their children’s buses using a GPS app linked to our buses.

5. Do you have school lunch services?

An optional lunch programme is offered by the school. The meals are prepared and cooked on-site by a highly qualified team led by a Head Chef who will take personal responsibility for all aspects of the meal provision. School lunch is provided either through Meal Pass (semester or annual payment plan) or a daily pay Meal Coupon system. For the daily pay option, students can purchase coupons at the automated coupon vending machine located in the cafeteria. Those students who choose not to buy the cafeteria lunch are to bring their own.

6. What supplies does my child need to bring to school?

All basic school supplies for all students are included in tuition fees. Students will want to bring a water bottle and a backpack for carrying items back and forth from home. Grade 6 - 8 students need to bring a scientific calculator with fraction functionality. Grade 9 - 12 students need to bring a TI-NSpire CX (non-CAS) Graphic Display calculator.

7. Do you wear school uniforms?

Except for sporting activities, the School does not have a prescribed uniform. However, it is expected that students will dress appropriately, taking into account the need for suitable modesty and presentation.
PE uniforms are required for all students and can be purchased from the
school shop.

8. Do you have any after school activities?

The After School Activities offer a wide range of activities for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The programme runs for 6-8 week blocks and activities offered change over the year.

9. Are parents involved with the school?

There are many ways to be involved, whether that means being an active participant in Parent Teacher Association, assisting as a classroom volunteer and a lunch helper, or helping with field trips or special events.

10. Where are your teachers from?

Our teachers represent an international body, coming from all over the world, including: the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and 10 other countries.

11. Where do ISB graduates go to university?

The majority of our graduates enroll at universities in the US, UK or their home countries. ISB has full time college counselor on hand to assist students with making the appropriate college choice and the application process.

12. Do your students use their own laptops at school?

Yes, in the Secondary School. In Early Years and Elementary School students use school laptops and tablet computers in the classroom provided by the school.

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