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Elementary School

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ISB Students in the Early Years and Elementary always have something fun going on in their classrooms. Check out the Grade 4 Wax Museum, where you'll see how our students use their creativity to communicate! 

The Primary Years Programme

Students develop and pursue their passions in order to be successful and contribute to a positive global future.  Our diverse school is reflected in our students, staff, and curriculum that challenges and inspires our students to explore, discover, and thrive.  ISB is an IB World School and the Elementary School uses the IB Primary Years Programme to offer a rigorous inquiry based programme. Our goal is for our students in Elementary to want to come to school each day, excited to learn and play with friends and teachers from across the globe. The IB PYP provides the framework for that learning to take place. Through the PYP, students develop the knowledge, skills and understandings necessary to prepare them for a life-long learning journey.

ISB students are equipped with the ability to think independently, ask questions, express their opinions while at the same time showing respect for the opinions of others. ISB also emphasises the importance of the creative, social  and physical areas with a clear goal of developing children’s social and emotional skills in order to navigate themselves within a community. At ISB, we have a carefully planned Programme of Inquiry which forms the focus of learning through inquiry. Subject areas such as Mathematics, English, Science, Art, Music, Additional Languages and Social Studies are woven into the programme in an authentic trans-disciplinary manner, with clearly defined standards for each. The result is an engaging, authentic learning experience which caters for learners from all backgrounds. ISB has been authorised by the IB to offer the PYP School since 2009.

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