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By car from Goeje

  • Take the Geoga-daero road

  •  Exit at the Garak Tollgate

  • Turn right towards BEXCO

  • Travel 800m on the Dongseo Overpass

  • Drive through the Hwangnyeong Tunnel and continue on Hwangnyeong-daero

  • Continue on Hwangnyeong-daero

  • Drive across the Gwangan Bridge

  • Turn right to Haeundae New Town

  • Proceed along Jangsan-ro

  • Drive through the Jwa-dong Underpass and continue for approximately 4km along Haeundae-ro

  • Turn right to BIFS and drive a further 63m

By car from Ulsan

  • Take the Busan Ulsan Expressway

  • Exit at the Haeundae Songjeong Tollgate

  •  Drive approximately 1.6km along Gijang-daero

  • Turn left to BIFS opposite Naeri Primary School and drive along the road by the river until reaching BIFS

By car from Haeundae

  • Drive through Seongjeong Tunnel and then a further 3.5km along Haeundae-ro

  • Turn right to BIFS and drive a further 63m

By bus from Haeundae
You can take the following buses to BIFS: #39, #40, #63, #139, #182

By subway in Busan 

  • Travel to Jangsan Station (end of Line 2)

  •  Leave the subway station through Exit 1

  • Bus #139: Double-back from Exit 1, turn left around the corner – the bus stop is approximatley 20m up the road (Sesil-ro)

  • Bus #182: Double-back from Exit 1, the bus stop is approximately 15m behind the exit on the same road (Haeundaero) – please note Bus 182 only runs once per hour

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