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How to Apply

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Step 01

Complete the Online Application and upload required documents

Please note that a non-refundable application fee (KRW 300,000 or USD 300) must be paid before the application can be submitted. It does not guarantee admission.

Step 02

Process and Review of Application

Admissions staff may contact you for more information, which may take some time. In some cases, students and parents are asked to connect with counselors or special education teachers to provide better insights on the learning needs of your child.

Step 03

Interview and


The interview with each school's Principal will be required for all applicants and the assessments for Math and Reading will be required for the applicants between Grade 3 and Grade 11.

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Step 04


The acceptance will be made by the Principal or Head of School after reviewing all documents.  For the new school year commencing in August, new students are generally not offered places until returning students have completed their re-enrollment process. Acceptance for new students will be offered before the end of April for foreign students and in May for Korean students.

Step 05


Upon offering an applicant a place in the school, an official letter confirming this offer will be sent to the family by email. If the family wishes to accept the offer, they must inform the school within 7 days.  The invoice will be sent to parents after acceptance of the offer.

Step 06

Submit Additional Documents

Before the first day of school, additional documents are required. Failure to provide these will adversely affect the student’s initial few days.

Waiting List

Qualified applicants who are not accepted due to space availability are placed in our waiting list and will be considered once spaces become available. If a child is placed on the waiting list, it is the responsibility of the family to provide the ISB with updated academic records whenever they become available

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