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Educational technology at ISB encompasses three different strands: contemporary skills, computer science skills, and technology for teaching and learning. These are elaborated below. We envision the school itself being a model for 21st century workplace practices, using technology to enhance communication, organization, and efficiency, with a robust infrastructure to support our educational goals.

Contemporary Skills

The first element of the vision for technology at ISB is that our students are fully prepared to enter and succeed in the “21st century” university and workplace. ISTE identifies this as students who are global collaborators, computational thinkers, digital citizens, creative communicators, innovative designers, knowledge constructors, and empowered learners. In today’s environment, this means that students will use technology to organize themselves and their work, to communicate with peers, teachers, and others in a variety of ways, to set up meetings, check calendars, request information, and collaborate in an online classroom environment. They will use technology tools to be creative and complete assignments, to find resources, to research, to navigate digital libraries and seek out sources world-wide, to spread awareness, to take initiative, to find problems, iterate and propose solutions. We believe the “tools” in school need to mirror the world outside of school so our students learn and practice these skills prior to leaving ISB.

Computer Science Skills

Additionally, we believe that technology is the future of our students’ world and they should be prepared to be leaders in the industries of technology, computer science and engineering. To this end, we believe students need foundational skills starting in the early years that will prepare them for later life. We also offer as many opportunities as we can for students to use these skills to create innovative solutions both in and out of the classroom.

Technology for Teaching and Learning

Finally, we believe that technology enhances the teaching and learning of all subjects. Technology supports a student-centred classroom, frequent formative assessment, feedback, differentiated instruction, collaborative learning, access to varied resources, and authentic audiences for students. All teachers should have the skills to utilize technology to enhance their practice and improve student learning.

Laptops and/or iPads are provided for all Elementary students. In the Secondary School, students are required to bring their own devices. The ISB recommended device is the Macbook Air, which can be purchased at a reduced cost by using the school’s Apple Education Vendor Discount.

The Technology team is available to assist students and parents with technical support. If you have any questions you are welcome to email in either English or Korean.

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