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ISB Students in the Secondary School are given a diverse range of opportunities to explore topics of interest, research them and present their findings through various mediums. Check out the MPY Personal Project highlights.

The Middle Years Programme

We strive to develop not only knowledgeable and capable students, but also happy, thoughtful and successful young people, who love to learn and care about the world they live in. We care about the complete development of our students by not only providing a highly challenging academic education through the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP), but also ensuring that the students are able to achieve their full potential academically and socially through the provision of a close-knit, supportive and friendly environment.

The MYP emphasizes intellectual challenge. It encourages students aged 11 to 16 to make practical connections between their studies and the real world, preparing them for success in further study and in life. The MYP aims to develop active learners and internationally minded young people who can empathize with others and pursue lives of purpose and meaning. The prgramme empowers students to inquire into a wide range of issues and ideas of significance locally, nationally and globally. The result is young people who are creative, critical and reflective thiners.

Underpinning our philosophy is the acknowledgement that this a period of great change, not only in an academic sense but also as a period of great physical maturation. At ISB we aim to create a supportive environment where students can thrive and expand their academic and personal interests. 

Students are not only taught essential academic and social skills but also how to manage their studies and time with greater independence. Emphasis is placed upon organizational and self-management skills to best prepare them for adult life. They will be challenged in the classroom by a rigorous academic programme and provided with the chance to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities and team sports.


Timetabling and teacher allocation is organized in a way to help children smoothly make the adjustment from Elementary to Secondary school. There are specialist teachers for English, Individuals and Societies, Art, Mathematics, Science, Design Technology, PE, Spanish, Korean and Music

The Diploma Programme

As a small school, ISB takes the time to look after and develop the individual student while providing them with the necessary personal, social and academic skills to carry them along their path of life-long learning.


The Diploma Programme (DP) aims to develop students who have excellent breadth and depth of knowledge – students who flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically. The DP was established to provide students with a balanced education, to facilitate geographic and cultural mobility and to promote international understanding.The programme is designed for students aged 16-19 and is recognized and respected by the world’s leading universities. Evidence suggests that higher rates of DP students go on to university and higher education study than non-IB students.


The IB Diploma Programme demands not only considerable academic aptitude, but also requires students to carry out a CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) component, complete the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) requirements and produce an Extended Essay on a subject of the student’s choice.


Students who do not wish to participate in the IB Diploma are able to register for the ISB Diploma. Those students wishing to pursue higher education are supported to make choices about further studies with our full-time college counsellor.
Students also have a choice of extra-curricular activities to ensure that their time at school is balanced. There are many after school electives to choose from and a wide range of musical options, including choir, orchestra, and individual instrument lessons. The sporting programme is after school and includes sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer and cross-country running.

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